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Magic People
all the stones and all the spells
and all the golden cups
that gods fill
can't rub you safe and warm again
won't close your eyes and see you
waking up again
and now you're cold
and now you are all
like cut diamonds behind the glass
but I can't buy any one of you back
and I can't touch any one of you
I won't see any one of you
but nobody can break you
and there is a beauty that  fires just can't capture
and there is a strength that the earth cannot contain
and the river's cold
but it cuts through the night
and it runs a long time
and it can run all night
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Fuck You
I've got a front row seat
(in a traffic jam)
to your ass. And not just your ass but that one little shit sticker stain you put on it.
You know, there should be a law. Fuck it, I'm just gonna say it.
Stupid people don't get to have bumper stickers.
"Marriage-Still One man. Still One woman."
I'll pull a Kathy Bates style rear end on you...cept I don't have the insurance to back it up.
I've got some tickets to anywhere. Anywhere away from here.
You can pack your bags and leave tonight...all the happy people. All the kind wonderful people. Leave us all behind.
I'll paint a sign that says "paradise." I'll paint a pretty horizon line.
And I'll put it in front of a cliff side.
:iconsupersonicchica:supersonicchica 1 1
The Joining
There's no time. There's no time left. She's dying. No, She's dead.
Lay down face first, against the cold hands that cradle your cheeks and eyes that won't keep shut and won't stay open
that cages your head and you look back and forth between the cradle and the coffin where her back is split open
where she and it are now once again separate
and you will never be you, alone with yourself and your fear and your shame
now it will be shared and your eyes that don't stay open and don't keep shut only see  the slits of skin that can't stare and trap back the terror
and you are dying and you will be dead and you need, want him
holding your hand
stroking your hair
kissing your lips
and our spine is open
is stretched and torn
is no longer yours
but is ours
my lovers
and your mother
and your sisters
and my father
and you are dying and alive and well
cradled in the coffin
lying face first
we are lying and changed
and all the same
:iconsupersonicchica:supersonicchica 1 0
my playground
was torn down
when you came to town
my safe pink houses
drawn in chalk in pavement
were erased
you ruined
the place
where I could
and now
I'm afraid
I can't
I'm gonna take
tether ball chains
tie em round your neck
til your words
are forgotten
and I'll never forget them
I'm gonna bury
your body under wood chips
put you in the sandbox
you can eat the cat shit
I'm gonna spin around
on the merry go round
I feel the air
racing through my hair
:iconsupersonicchica:supersonicchica 1 1
Tastes Like?
could you
the taste
of sand
and dirt
and hard
unfeeling ground
I don't know
I've never tried it
it looks like a
fucking place
to put your head
you do
what feels best
you eat
what you like
you don't look
very strong
bent over
all that rocky shit
how do you keep it
from getting
your eyes
I'm getting bored
of staring
at your ass
shooing away
the flies
I'm gonna go do something else
before I go
you want me to give you the time?
:iconsupersonicchica:supersonicchica 0 0
full time
on the side lines
running through the loosestrife
fingers spreading seeds
fingers choking me
think you gonna silence me?
you can put your head down
touch the ground
you can refuse to hear the sounds
of the fucking fire, of the yellow crawlers
bury all your warren
you can feel a little taller
I'm not gonna perch in the corner
repeating all the blather
I'm charging, I'm going
I'm not gonna sit staring
at the glowing screen
wishing woulda coulda be's
I'm charging
I'm going
Ray-no more stopping
last proclamation
if you are gonna keep talking
better back it up with action
Here I go, here we go
super sonic mode
this is the last
I kick me in the ass
:iconsupersonicchica:supersonicchica 2 0
'The Hard Sharp Steep'
are your feathers heavy?
are your brittle bones
cold and broken from your fall
to the stones, to the water,
down the hill?
you can't fly back up to the ground
you can't jump down to the top
not now
do your fingers sink into the dirt?
do your eyes only see
the blood and broken shells
left behind, by the first
who fell?
now you climb, now you crawl
now you cry, now you struggle
all the way
up the hill
you better keep going
dig down
deeper still
and when the cats in the water
start to chase you from your feet
and memory
of the fall, keep crawling up
and up and up
up the hill
taste the mud or taste the earth
that holds you still
you aren't sinking though it feels
like so
and when you look up
there might be a hand
or just the sun
or just the rain
up the hill
take hold and go
up the hill
how far
can you go
in a day?
:iconsupersonicchica:supersonicchica 2 0
'Anxiety 1'
                      a little night
                     to make you feel
                    the waste, the rot
                          of talent
                      a drop of darkness
                       to let you taste
:iconsupersonicchica:supersonicchica 1 0
'Second Confession'
open spaces stare at me
"neglectful mother, adulterous lover"
I understand
she never minded
I'd stay
locked away, shut up
I once used to make
to her
but now there are
too many
"You never touch me anymore!"
she screams
she's heading for the door
(I locked it)
but She could not
care less
about the man made things
pathetically, I grab my
but she just laughs
she's leaving
"You knew I could
not be
I shout,
now seething
(just the same)
it's been awhile...
I've let her
                          my mind (oh)
since I've felt her
strength inside
she's leaving me
the only option is
to fall
on my
and now I try
to write
a desperate bid
a sickening lie              (right now)
but she's just
as desperat
:iconsupersonicchica:supersonicchica 2 0
'Letter to the Lazy'
Dear Punk Girl,
What's up?
I call you girl-that's what you are. you buy all the man-made stuff. you give NOTHING back. you waste your life. you buy out.
too poor to make change-HA! how much were those boots? how much did you get for pink, made by Thai hands, not US made, boots? and where do you wear them? huh? WHERE DO YOU WEAR THEM?! not to change the world, not to break glass. you don't wear them out in the fire, in the black, red cruel world- step, step on germs and filth and blood roads- you wear them home.
you hide your pink, "punk" boots, that Liz said were bust. that EVERYONE loves. do you love them? do you love you? course you do. but you need to get off your ass. get out of the Buy state of mind. get in, crash in, throw your-self in with those boots and make some noise, like bright. fight what you hate with these boots. don't you dare sit back and buy and sink in, with those boots on you're feet, perched in the cage that you hate and stayed in.
:iconsupersonicchica:supersonicchica 2 0
sketch artist, cartoonist-
don't they always come in threes?
I doubt
  a neglectful poet could
this beautiful triangle
does your pen
   have to go
until you say
I'm competing with spirals and
highlights, you know?
I'm competing with Kathleen
(but she's beneath you)
Did I see the drawers'
beautiful faces
           before I saw
their lovely things
          I know the answer
            so we don't say anything...
just yet
:iconsupersonicchica:supersonicchica 0 0
Mature content
'Time Square' :iconsupersonicchica:supersonicchica 0 0
                                 I'm queer
                               I'm strange (oh no)
                                I am alive
but I'm wasting
                          my time
:iconsupersonicchica:supersonicchica 0 0
Just coincidence, just a story
Not out to get you, not an allegory
That's what they tell me
I don't believe that
I know
the reason why
You made
your spy
was shifty, disobedient
wasn't right or free
it's not a reference
does it make a difference?
That's what they tell me
I agree
I look
I hunt
I dive
-a little deeply
Just some pressure building up
That's what they tell me
"Rachel, see the surface?
There's nothing lurking
:iconsupersonicchica:supersonicchica 1 3


there would be miles and miles
just like hannah said
and the darkness and silence
would run along
and along
and nothing goes wrong
with our titanium ship
and we'd steer it and watch ourselves
go miles and miles
we're flying in our own private
star lit scarred
and I'm afraid
I'm not
and I'm ashamed
I'm avoiding
but I'm happy
and you read happy
and we're going miles
and miles
and seven leagues
and turning on our stomachs
I feel far
and untapped
words aren't burning down
words won't run out
with you


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